Free Estimation Calculator
Tired of hearing the same old thing from builders, oh that’s going to cost you!
Well, here at ML Building Direct we believe in complete transparency, that’s why we have created a website that breaks down our building work and allows you to see where all the costs go and also empowers you, enabling you to adjust estimates based on your budget, all from the comfort of your sofa.
If you’re happy with your online quote then give us a call to book a home visit.
After we have made our home visit and all parties agree on the price, then we can book a convenient installation date.
Remember not all properties are the same, so there may be things you might have missed or not even thought of.
To book someone from ML for a free quote please call 07796140112

How to use the free estimation calculator
To find out the estimate cost of your building work, select a product category in ‘Estimation Calculator’ in the drop down menu and pick relevant work to be carried out. Select product (price of job) and ‘add to cart’ keep adding products until all aspects of work to be carried out is done. Select the ‘checkout’ drop down window to find out how much your job will cost. Remember at this point its only an estimate, so no need to select ‘place order’.

Estimation Calculator